PSST! Wanna give me your address?

Just because you hold Coffice hours doesn’t mean you should avoid networking and marketing.

The Coffice is a veritable buffet of possible business opportunities. Cofficers and non-Cofficers close by – in line or at the condiments station or at the table next to yours – almost always want to chat (if you’re not wearing ear-gear or they aren’t) and inevitably the subject of work and business will come up, as it often does for me.

Have you packed your business cards and other marketing collateral in your bags?

Well, why the heck not?!

You’d bring your business cards to that wedding you have on Saturday night, wouldn’t you? You might even have a few on you during your kid’s dance recital. Why wouldn’t you bring them to the Coffice where other Cofficers are working? You might even strike up a conversation with a non-Cofficer about that website you’re coding or deal you’re closing.

Remember the ABC rule: Always Bring Cards!

But don’t forget other marketing materials and some samples of your work. You never know when an innocent inquiry from a curious stranger could turn into an impromptu job interview or RFP submission.

Now for the non-creepy mailing address part…

If you’ve hopped around, you’ve probably noticed the “Coffice Card” link in the right-hand column.

If you haven’t – go now. It’s okay. We’ll wait…

Great! You’re back…

When I started planning the design of the Coffice Card, I knew immediately that I wanted to do something not only unique – for a uniquely fantastic community – but I also wanted to create a card with more than just a logo and contact information…something useful.

As you can see, the back of the Coffice Card has instructions and a diagram for cutting, bending and folding it into a working business card stand (see the images on the site if you haven’t gone yet). Put your Coffice-based business on display with this business card stand, and then fold it back up and put it in your wallet or bag until tomorrow.

On the front of the card is a request to meet you in IRL. If you have a Coffice Card and I’m in your area, I really want to meet you! Heck – I want to meet you even if you don’t have a Coffice Card yet.

Either way, send me your address with “Coffice Card” as the subject line and I will happily mail you a Coffice Card or two. (I already owe two Cofficers their Coffice Cards…they know who they are.)

So, get your scissors ready and start showing off your business at the Coffice!

How are you marketing your business at the Coffice? Have you seen any really cool/different business card designs? Do you want me to have your address?

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