Can we stay or should we go?

It’s not uncommon for your regular Coffice location to limit the amount of time you can stay or to politely indicate the best times during the day to take your favorite chair. Some have gone so far as to prohibit the use of laptops, mobile phones and (nowadays) tablets, while others choose not to have wifi access at all.

For big corporate coffee companies, it’s a drop in the bucket to attract and allow Cofficers to stay for hours until closing. At my regular Coffice, a Starbucks that works with my weekly schedule, the manager is more than happy make it as comfy as possible for all the regular Cofficers – and there are many.

That outlet adapter in the photo is one example of how he does it. Today he just showed me plans for this location’s new layout; and he’s hoping to get a common table for the back of the store, complete with power outlets. Yum!

As I’ve said before, for indie coffee shop owners, it’s entirely within their right to place these parameters around customer usage. More often than not, the justification comes from the balance sheet.

But are the numbers right? Are owners being penny-wise in their decisions or are indies bleeding profit because of wifi squatters?

I’m looking for indie coffee shop owners to weigh in here. Ideally you’ll present something in a stand-alone blog. I’m more than willing to present both sides.

Have great weekends everyone!

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